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Dr Greg Newson N.D.

About Dr Greg Newson

Dr Greg Newson is a Naturopathic Doctor, Medicinal Herbalist, Nutritionist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Professional Health and Lifestyle Coach.

Since 2002 Greg has owned and operated the Vitality and Wellness Centre, a natural healthcare clinic in the beautiful Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia. This business has since expanded to the USA with the 'Conquering Pyroluria' website, where we now offer products manufactured in and distributed from the USA, to all parts of the world.

Greg has had years of experience in helping people with all manner of health problems, ranging from colds, allergies and fatigue, through to digestive disorders, mental health conditions, cardiovascular disease and life threatening ailments such as AIDS and cancer.

Greg has an enormous passion and extensive knowledge and understanding of health including nutrition, the workings of the body, causes of poor health and how we can prevent dis-ease. He has empowered many people all around the world to take back control of their health. Greg has a strong belief that natural medicine can support the body physically, mentally and spiritually, allowing itself to heal without the harsh side effects of medical drugs.

Greg has spent many years educating, supporting and treating Pyroluria sufferers. He is dedicated to helping people improve their own health by eliminating or dramatically reducing the many signs and symptoms associated with Pyroluria.

Greg believes that with the correct knowledge of health influences such as food, exercise, lifestyle choices and nutritional supplementation, people can make changes that positively impact themselves and their families, ensuring a happy, healthy and energized life.

Greg is an enthusiastic health educator, speaking world-wide and regularly on radio to inspire, teach and empower people to live healthy lives.

With a hectic work life, Greg finds personal time to recharge by immersing himself in all that nature has to offer. He finds great pleasure in spending time with family, friends and pottering in his mini fruit orchard and vegetable patch, with his great mate 'Buddy', his delightfully mischievous labrador dog, never far from his side.