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Dr Greg Newson N.D.
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Conquering Pyroluria

Our aim is to increase the awareness of Kryptopyrroles and Pyroluria, by sharing information and knowledge that will ultimately help improve the quality of life for a Kryptopyrrole/Pyroluria Sufferer. 

It is with this knowledge that people suffering from Pyroluria will feel inspired and well equipped to take back control of their health. To live a life of wellness, free from suffering, with the power to enjoy the freedom and gifts that good health gives.

A great place to start is in our FREE RESOURCES section. It is here you will find a multitude of information on everything Pyroluria - signs, symptoms, foods, articles, health conditions as well as audio and video downloads. From there you can also access specific areas for the testing and treatment of Pyroluria. There's also SHOP PYROLURIA where you can purchase test kits, supplements and other specific products for Pyroluria.

About Kryptopyrroles

Someone who suffers from Pyroluria has elevated levels of Hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one (HPL) also know as Mauve Factor. Knowledge of Mauve Factor has been around for many decades. Back in 1958 Dr Abraham Hoffer discover it while working with schizophrenic patients.

The Kryptopyrrole molecule is very similar in structure to the HPL molecule as was mistakenly identified as Kryptopyrroles in two major scientific journals by Irvine in 1969 and again by Sohler in 1970. This lead to the confusion that kryptopyrrole molecule causing Pyroluria. In the 1970's Dr carl Pfeiffer encouraged by the work of Irvine, Sohler and others started testing for Kryptopyrroles with his patients.

It wasn't until the 1990's when testing procedures improved and more in-depth studies were done, that it was found the HPL molecule was actually causing Pyroluria, not Kryptopyrroles. It is HPL, not Kryptopyrroles that inhibits the utilization and increases the excretion of zinc, vitamin B6, and biotin while reducing the production of the semi-essential fatty acid GLA.

Please take the time to have a good look around and learn all you can about Kryptopyrroles and Pyroluria from our FREE RESOURCES section. Knowledge is power, and we hope the information provided here will inspire you to take back control of your health.

We wish you well on your journey of understanding, dealing with and healing Pyroluria.