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Dr Greg Newson N.D.

Pyroluria Testing

A Pyroluria diagnosis can be confusing, especially with the myriad of symptoms associated with Pyroluria. To add to the confusion many of the symptoms attributed to Pyroluria can be caused by a basic zinc or vitamin B6 deficiency, or health conditions including but not limited to; poor digestive function, malabsorption, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, GABA deficiency, Food Allergies or low Serotonin levels. This is why organizing a Pyroluria Test is the only way to be 100% certain that Pyroluria is a contributing factor to your health concerns. By Pyroluria Testing the need for incorrect treatment, inappropriate supplementation and the excessive waste of time and money is avoided.

The Pyroluria Test is a simple 'do at home' urine test that accurately measures a substance found in the urine called hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one, commonly referred to as HPL or Mauve Factor. HPL inhibits the cellular utilization of zinc, vitamin B6 and biotin, whilst contributing to the body’s inability to correctly produce the semi-essential fatty acid “GLA”.

The Pyroluria Test protocol is a very simple test to perform. It requires the avoidance of nutritional supplementation for 4 days to rule out any false negatives and the collection of a urine sample in the afternoon / evening. The Pyroluria Test sample is collected in a darkened room (as light destroys HPL) and then wrapped in foil and frozen overnight. For Pyroluria Test samples done in mainland USA (except NY) your Pyroluria Test sample will be collected by FedEx the next day. All other countries or US states not on mainland USA will need to express courier their samples to the laboratory.

Pyroluria Testing Options

At Conquering Pyroluria, we have two Pyroluria Testing options available for people who want to check if Pyroluria is contributing to their poor health.

Option One - Pyroluria Test with a Report. The Pyroluria Test Results Report comprises of the tested results together with Dr Greg's recommended nutritional, dietary and lifestyle strategies for the treatment of Pyroluria. In addition to the Pyroluria Test Results Report you also receive access to our 'six-video' series, 'Getting on Top of Pyroluria', together with an audio podcast. This economical option saves time and money, whilst removing the hassle out of finding a health practitioner to organize a Pyroluria Test and work out a treatment strategy based on those results.

Option Two - Pyroluria Test Only without any reports, treatment plan, videos or podcast. This test is ideal for anyone that just wants the results, to find out if they are suffering from Pyroluria and pass that information onto their healthcare practitioner.

Pyroluria Test Kit

All Pyroluria Test Kits include;

- A full set of instructions and equipment needed for Pyroluria testing

- Free Postage

- Free FedEx overnight return post to our specialized Pyroluria testing laboratory in Illinois.
Please Note: Free return post is only available for our US mainland customers (excluding NY). For all other customers, the Pyroluria Test sample will need to be sent at your own expense to our testing laboratory in Melbourne, Australia via express post.

- A video presented by Dr Greg detailing how to perform the Pyroluria Test and what needs to be done to ready that test for delivery to the laboratory.

Is Pyroluria Testing For You?

Unsure if you need Pyroluria Testing? Complete this FREE and easy to do Pyroluria Symptoms Checklist to find out more.

This article was updated 23/02/17 by Greg Newson ND