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Dr Greg Newson N.D.


For anyone who has been diagnosed with Pyroluria or Borderline Pyroluria, the next step is to obtain the correct treatment. Dr Greg Newson and his team here at Conquering Pyroluria have invested a lot of time researching and designing what we feel is the best treatment for Pyroluria.

Our supplements, treatment plans, lifestyle and dietary recommendations provided here at Conquering Pyroluria are what Dr Greg uses and recommends everyday to his clinical patients suffering from Positive or Borderline Pyroluria.

Pyroluria Treatment Plans

We have a variety of Pyroluria treatment plans are available for adults and children who have been diagnosed with Pyroluria or Borderline Pyroluria. The Pyroluria Treatment Plans contain a 14-page downloadable PDF and a 13-minute audio podcast that provides expert knowledge on lifestyle choices that can improve Pyroluria and information on beneficial nutritional supplements. The Pyroluria supplements recommended in these treatment plans are available for purchase together in our Pyroluria Treatment Packs or separately from Shop Pyroluria. Alternatively if you are looking for a combined treatment plan and supplement pack, please read on and check out our Pyroluria Combo Pack information below. For more information on either an adult or a child's Pyroluria Treatment Plan

Pyroluria Combo Packs

The cost effective Pyroluria Combo Packs are a combination of recommended Pyroluria nutritional supplements, a 14-page downloadable Pyroluria treatment plan PDF and a 13-minute Pyroluria audio podcast. The Pyroluria Combo Packs are available for all adults and children suffering from Positive or Borderline Pyroluria. Interested in finding out more about the Pyroluria Combo Packs?

Pyroluria Treatment Packs

If you have ordered the Pyroluria Test through our website and received your results and our recommended treatment strategies then the The Pyroluria Treatment pack is for you. The treatment packs are an economical way to purchase the recommended nutritional supplements for an adult or child who has been diagnosed with Borderline or Positive Pyroluria. Follow the link for anyone wanting more information on the Pyroluria Treatment Packs.

Pyroluria Nutritional Supplements

Along the the above mentioned Pyroluria Treatment and Combo Packs we offer a wide range of individual Pyroluria Supplements and Health Test Kits designed to cover all your Pyroluria needs.

Conquering Pyroluria Knowledge Pack

The Conquering Pyroluria Knowledge Pack has been put together for anyone who wishes to learn more about Pyroluria and how to treat it. You will discover the causes of Pyroluria, how it can affect health, both physically and mentally, current up to date treatments including nutritional, lifestyle and dietary changes, along with additional tests that may help to improve the outcome of pyroluria and a persons overall health status. The Conquering Pyroluria Knowledge Pack contains a 96-page Conquering Pyroluria E-book, 55-minute seminar video and a 52-minute audio podcast. Click here for more information on any of the products in the Conquering Pyroluria Knowledge Pack.....COMING SOON!!