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Dr Greg Newson N.D.
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  • Candida Test Kit No Report - Reg

    Candida Test Kit No Report - Reg

    Postage Type:

    Candida Test accurately measures the severity of Candida infestation.

    Candida Test Kit - No Report

    This Candida Test also know as a Candidiasis Test accurately measures the body's immune response to a candida infection.

    The Candida Test is a simple, do at home, saliva test that requires collecting 5ml of saliva and then send it off to our laboratory for analysis. The Candida Test measures important immunoglobulins namely IgA and IgG. When these immunoglobulins are elevated they indicate that Candida is present and the severity of the infection.

    Please Note: This test will be sent from Australia via Trackable or Registered Post and will take up to 14 working days to arrive at customs. If you require a quicker delivery we recommend the Candida Test Express, which should arrive at customs in 2 - 4 working days.

    If you are looking for a Candida Test with a personalized treatment plan and diet please click on Candida Test With Report

    The Candida Test Kit contains:

    1. All the equipment needed to complete the Candida Test
    2. A full set of instructions
    3. A video, by Dr Greg Newson, explaining the Candida Test procedure
    4. World wide delivery

    Please Note:

    • The personalized Candida Treatment Plan provided with the Candida Test Results is not suitable for children under 3 years of age
    • Please allow up to 21 working days for delivery of your Candida Test kit. This time frame depends on country of destination
    • Return post delivery is not included. Your test sample is stable for 4 weeks and can be be sent to Australia by standard or express post for testing depending on the time taken by your countries postal service. Please do not send your test via international courier such as FedEx, DHL or UPS otherwise an additional $100.00 AUD processing fee will be charged by Australian customs before the sample is released to the laboratory.

    For More Information:

    Please refer to our website pages by clicking on the links below;

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