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  • GabRelax 13.6 fl oz

    GabRelax 13.6 fl oz

    Available in 6.8 fl oz and 13.6 fl oz

    Natural Support For GABA Uptake and Utilization

    NatroVital GabRelax 13.6 fl oz

    NatroVital GabRelax is a blend of herbs that may help improve GABA uptake and utilization by normalizing the sensitivity of the GABA receptors and correcting GABA levels. NatroVital GabRelax contains valerian, a herb which impedes the breakdown GABA, resulting in more balanced levels.

    Please Note:

    GabRelax 13.6 fl oz may assist with;

    Agitation Insomnia
    Anxiety Low GABA levels
    Convulsions Muscle cramps/spasms
    Depression Nervousness Racing mind
    Epilepsy >Night time waking
    Feeling overwhelmed
    Panic Attacks
    Hyperactivity Stress induced fatigue
    Hypertension Tourette's syndrome

    Ingredients of GabRelax per 5ml;

    Kava 625mg
    Skullcap 375mg
    St John's Wort 500mg
    Valerian 625mg

    Excipients in GabRelax: Glycerine, Colloidal Mineral Blend and Fulvic Acid

    Bottle Size: 13.6 fl oz or 400ml

    Contra-indications or Cautions using NatroVital GabRelax

    • Do not use GabRelax if taking antidepressant medication, HIV drugs, oral contraceptive pill, anticoagulant medication, digoxin, methadone, cyclosporin, imatinib, irinotecan or verapamil

    • Do not use GabRelax if known allergy to any herb listed above.

    Interactions using NatroVital GabRelax

    • Use GabRelax with caution in Parkinson's Disease.
    • Use GabRelax with caution in pregnancy.
    • Use GabRelax with caution in lactation.
    • Use GabRelax with caution in oestrogen sensitive breast cancer.

    Where are the herbs in GabRelax Sourced?

    As healthcare professionals and suppliers of herbal supplements we only want the highest quality ingredients in our products to maximize their healing power. Unfortunately, the practice of some herbal suppliers is the substitution of high-quality herbs for inferior herbs, or supplying herbs adulterated with other herbs or plant matter. Regrettably herbal medicine in the US is not regulated by the FDA, it is classified a food and as such does not undergo the rigorous testing we require to be 100% confident that the herb we intend to provide is actually the herb being supplied.

    Herbs in Australia, on the other hand, are manufactured to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standards. The TGA is a government run organization that is reputed to have the most stringent herbal medicine and nutritional supplement safety and manufacturing standards in the world.

    All Australian herbal medicine manufacturers need to follow strict guidelines and procedures to ensure the highest quality product. When a herb is received by the manufacturer, samples are firstly quality controlled tested, then sent to a TGA-approved testing laboratory where qualified scientists analyze the raw ingredients for purity and potency. Once the herb has been approved, it is extracted in a TGA-approved manufacturing facility. When the final product is made samples are sent back to the laboratory for further testing to ensure it meets all the relevant standards for potency and purity.

    Even though we would like to supply herbal tinctures sourced from the US, we have chosen to use Australian manufactured herbal tonics as we can trust in the highest quality and thereby best possible healing powers being provided. 

    Please Note:

    • NatroVital GabRelax can be sent from Australia via Regular Air Post or Express Courier, with both options being trackable. Simply select the desired postage option during checkout. Regular air post should arrive at customs within 7 - 21 working days whereas Express Courier should arrive at customs within 2 - 6 working days depending on the destination country. Please allow up to an additional 1-7 days for your postal service to deliver the parcel once it has cleared customs in your country.

    • The active ingredients in Natrovital GabRelax 13.6 fl oz when professionally prescribed may assist patients suffering from specific conditions*.

    • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. NatroVital GabRelax 13.6 fl oz is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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