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The Pyroluria Treatment Packs are for anyone who has purchased our Pyroluria Treatment Plan or has tested positive for Pyroluria or Borderline Pyroluria through our Conquering Pyroluria website.


These packs contain the nutritional supplements recommended in our Treatment Plan from Conquering Pyroluria.

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  • Adult Pyroluria Pack - Borderline

    Adult Pyroluria Pack - Borderline
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    Nutritional Supplements for Adults Suffering From Borderline Pyroluria

    Adult Pyroluria Treatment Pack - Borderline

    The Adult Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Pack is available to anyone who has tested Borderline Pyroluria through our Conquering Pyroluria website. It contains the specific Pyroluria Supplements that are recommended in our 'Conquering Pyroluria Treatment Plan' that you received with your test results. 

    If you haven't been tested through our website please refer to our 'Adult Borderline Pyroluria Combo Pack', which not only contains the recommended Pyroluria Supplements, but also a comprehensive 'Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Plan'.

    Please Note: This Adult Borderline Pyroluria Combo Pack is only suitable for adults and children over 15 years of age. For children 3 to 15 years of age please use our Child Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Pack.

    Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Pack may assist with;*

    Borderline Pyroluria Borderline Mauve Factor
    Borderline Pyrrole Disorder Elevated Pyrrole Levels
    Borderline Kryptopyrrole Elevated hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one

    The Adult Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Pack Contains:

    Pyroluria Nutritional Supplements;

    Pyrrole Support 60 Capsules
    Complete EFA 100 Capsules
    Antioxidant Support 150g Powder
    B-Calm 60 Capsules
    Intestinal Cleanse 6.8 fl oz (200ml)

    For full details on these products including contra-indications, interactions and cautions please click on each product name above.

    • These supplements will last between 4 - 6 weeks depending on the dosage requirements as set out in your treatment plan. 

    For More Information:

    Please refer to our website pages by clicking on the links below;

    The active ingredients in the Adult Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Pack when professionally prescribed may assist patients suffering from specific conditions*.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Adult Borderline Pyroluria Treatment Pack is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.