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Dr Greg Newson N.D.
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The Pyroluria Treatment Plans offer expert knowledge on how to treat and overcome Pyroluria.

\nThe Pyroluria Treatment Plans are available for anyone already diagnosed with Pyroluria or Borderline Pyroluria and include a downloadable PDF and audio file.

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  • Positive Pyroluria Treatment Plan Adult

    Positive Pyroluria Treatment Plan Adult

    A Comprehensive Guide For Adults Diagnosed With Pyroluria

    Adult Positive Pyroluria Treatment Plan

    The Adult Positive Pyroluria Treatment Plan is our recommended Treatment Plan for adults who have tested positive for Pyroluria. 

    For children 3 to 15 years of age, please use the Child Positive Pyroluria Treatment Plan.

    Please note: this is a 'Downloadable Product'.

    The Adult Positive Pyroluria Treatment Plan Contains:

    • A comprehensive treatment plan developed by Dr Greg Newson that provides nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice for sufferers of Pyroluria. The advice Greg offers here is the same advice that he gives to patients everyday for the treatment of Pyroluria. The treatment plan also looks at the underlying factors and causes that may be associated with Pyroluria (14 page PDF Booklet).
    • Included within the PDF Booklet is an Audio File by Dr Greg Newson explaining this treatment plan and what you can do to help yourself to overcome Pyroluria (running time approx 13 minutes).
    • Please note: any nutritional supplements Greg recommends in this treatment plan are available for purchase separately through this website.


      Q. Is this treatment plan right for you?

      A. We are able to offer this treatment plan to our web customers without the need of a consultation. Please note it contains the recommended supplementation that we use in our clinic and sell here through our website. The treatment plan provides the recommended dosages of our products and individual nutritional supplements (i.e. zinc, B6), dietary and lifestyle advice and also looks at the underlying conditions and factors commonly associated with Pyroluria.

      Please consider all of this before making your purchase as we do not offer refunds on downloadable products once purchased. If you would like professional help from a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist for this or any other health matters please contact us to arrange a Skype Consultation.

      Q. How do I access the product 'Downloadable File'.

      A. Simply add this item to your cart and after checkout an email confirming your order will be sent to you. Click on the product name in your email to download the file immediately. This will bring up a pop up window asking you to 'open' or 'save' the file (Conquering Pyroluria Treatment Plan - Positive+Adult.pdf). We recommend you 'save' this file to your computer for future reference and make a note of where you have saved it. Once the file has downloaded you should be able to automatically click on the folder (depending on your computer setup) to access the above file.

      For More Information:

      Pease refer to our website pages by clicking on the links below;

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