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Dr Greg Newson N.D.

Free ResourcesVideos on Pyroluria

Welcome to our video page where Dr Greg Newson shares his informative knowledge on Pyroluria. Please take the time and learn from these video's. Greg believes the more you know and understand, the better placed you'll be to effectively treat Pyroluria or any illness.

What is Candida?


Candida, a fungal organism that can reside in the digestive tract, can contribute to and exacerbate Pyroluria. In this video Dr Greg explains what Candida is and how to find out if you have it! 

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Pyroluria and Your Diet


In this video Dr Greg Newson explains the importance of diet in managing and treating Pyroluria. 

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What is Pyroluria?


Watch Dr Greg Newson as he gives a great insight into Pyroluria and how it may be the hidden factor behind many Mental Health illnesses such as Depression, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Schizophrenia and Bi Polar Disorder. Pyroluria can be a contributing factor behind addictions, violent behaviour, alcoholism, epilepsy and Acute Intermittent Porphyria.